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Restaurant Kontrast - www.restaurant-kontrast.no
Restaurant Kontrast er en moderne skandinavisk gastro bistro.
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At Kontrast we work within the seasons. This means that our menu is decided on a daily basis and is influenced by the produce that our farmers have available on that day. We offer two tasting menus:

Small Kontrast
6 courses 950,-
Beverage pairing 850,-

Big Kontrast
10 courses 1450,-
Beverage pairing 1250,-

In addition to our tasting menu we also offer an a la carte menu comprised of small and medium sized dishes priced between 135,- and 225,- per dish, where we would recommend 4 courses per person.

For groups larger than 6 persons we offer an option of 3 set menus

4 Courses 775,-
Beverage pairing 545,-

6 Courses 950,-
Beverage pairing 850,-

10 courses 1450,-
Beverage pairing 1250,-

See an example menu here, or picture examples on Instagram.

Kontrast is a Modern Scandinavian restaurant with a focus on using ingredients that are both local and at the peak of their season. Our main goals are to offer world class, organic and ethically sourced ingredients from within Norway and to showcase the farmers who produce them.

We choose to use animals that have lived their lives free and wild. Happy animals are good animals.

Restaurant Kontrast received in 2016 its first Michelin star.
No.20 in Scandinavia in White Guide.
No.183 on OAD100+ Europe’s list.
26/30 in DN.
Mikael Svensson is voted one of the best 300 chefs in the world.

I was born and raised in Skåne, in the countryside among farmers and open landscapes.

Kontrast is a dream I have had for 15 years. Ever since I decided to become a chef.

My career as chef started at school in Kristianstad, from there to various jobs and apprenticeships around Skåne. There I discovered my love of quality products that come from the local area.

“The end result is never better than the quality of the product you start with”

My career continued in Oslo, Norway at Le Canard 11 years ago. Then I continued in Europe working for several restaurants with one, two and three Michelin stars. Among others, the Spanish restaurants Quique Dacosta and Martin Berasategui, before I returned to Oslo.

Back in Oslo, I participated in the launch of Grims Grenka restaurant Madu and Tjuvholmen Sjømagasin, where I worked as assistant chef.

Now is the time to open my own dream.

Booking policy
Along side your table reservation we will require that you enter your debit or credit card details. Restaurant Kontrast AS reserves the right to hold a charge of 1,- Norwegian Kroner from the given account until the date of arrival. With a breach of the cancellation policy, Restaurant Kontrast AS reserves the right to charge 1000,- Norwegian Kroner per person from the given account. For more information, see the cancellation policy.

Personal information will be handled by a secure third party in cooperation with SuperB. After booking you will receive a preliminary confirmation where you will need to follow a link. The confirmation is preliminary in that the table is not reserved completely before the debit or credit card details have been entered. The link will be open for 24 hours and will be automatically closed if the booking is not confirmed within the time period.

After the debit/credit information has been entered we will send a final confirmation that the table is guaranteed. The customer themselves is responsible for giving the correct information. Restaurant Kontrast AS can request to see the final confirmation be shown on arrival.

Cancellation Policy, Restaurant Kontrast AS
For groups of 1-6 people, all changes to the total amount of guests or cancellation of booking must be made by 14:00 on the same day.

For groups of 6 people of more, all changes to the total amount of guests or cancellation of booking must be made a minimum of 48 hours before the date of reservation. Restaurant Kontrast AS reserves the right to charge 1000,- Norwegian Kroner per person in circumstances where the cancellation policy has been breached.


+47 21 60 01 01


Maridalsveien 15, 0175 Oslo

Tuesday – Saturday 18-22