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Restaurant Kontrast er en moderne skandinavisk gastro bistro.
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At Kontrast we work within the seasons. This means that our menu is decided on a daily/weekly basis and is influenced by the produce that our farmers have available on that day/week. We offer two tasting menus:

Small Kontrast
6 courses: 950,-
Beverage pairing: 850,-

Alcohol-free pairing: 295,-

Big Kontrast
10 courses: 1450,-
Beverage pairing: 1250,-

Alcohol-free pairing: 495,-

In addition to our tasting menu we also offer our dishes as an la carte menu comprised of small and medium sized dishes priced between 145,- and 245,- per dish, where we would recommend 4 courses per person.

For groups larger than 6 persons we offer an option of 3 set menus:

4 Courses 775,-
Beverage pairing 545,-


Small Kontrast
6 Courses 950,-
Beverage pairing 850,-


Big Kontrast
10 courses 1450,-
Beverage pairing 1250,-

See example menu below, or picture examples on Instagram.

  • Wild parsnip with buckwheat
  • Gastro Unika Osietra caviar with potato
  • Crispy chicken skin with fermented cherries and grilled parsley
  • Tarte of beetroot and blackcurrant with sour cream and smoked haddock
Sweetbread from Jæren
Mushroom with pear from Ekeberg marinated in
lingonberry and a sauce of roasted garlic and green garlic oil
White fish from Fagernes
Raw kohlrabi with a sauce of Røros cream, mussel and horseradish
Grilled lamb from Svartskog Farm
Swiss chard from Korsvold Farm
with charred carrots and a sauce of elderberries
Scallop from Helgeland
Smoked emulsion of scallop roe with apples from Ekeberg
and salt baked celeriac
Kraftkar from Tingvollost
Pickled elderflower with honey from Gamle Aker
Langoustine from Frøya
Creamed yellow foot chanterelles with raw button mushroom
and a vinaigrette of pickled mushroom and langoustine
Bone marrow from Horgen Farm
Strawberries and raspberries with poached rhubarb
Cauliflower, savoy and cabbage
Cauliflower roasted in chicken fat with savoy and cabbage
Jerusalem artichoke from Linnestad Farm
Malt crumble with a sorbet of apple
Potatoes from Linnestad Farm
Bottarga from cod with lovage and marjoram
    Something sweet
  • Coffee and aquavit
  • Caramel of Prestholt brown cheese from Hol

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