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«The end result is never better than the quality of the product you start with»

Mikael Svensson

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Welcome to Kontrast

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Kontrast is a modern Scandinavian restaurant that focus on using ingredients that are both local and at the peak of their season.

Our main goals are to offer world class, organic and ethically sourced ingredients from within Norway and to showcase the farmers who produce them.

We choose to use animals that have lived their lives free and wild. Happy animals are good animals.


Our menu is seasonal. We use the ingredients our farmers have available when they are the most tasteful, making each experience at Kontrast extraordinary and unique.

The name Kontrast stems from how we combine different colours, tastes and objects, creating harmony between contrasting elements.

Opening hours

Booking is possible between 18:00 – 20:00
Online booking opens 3 months ahead


Restaurant Kontrast is located just at the top of the stairs by Mathallen Oslo, not far from Grünerløkka.

Maridalsveien 15A
0175, Oslo

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