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At Kontrast we work within the seasons. This means that our menu is changing on a daily/weekly basis and is influenced by the produce that our farmers have available on that day/week.

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Restaurant Kontrast offers
a tasting menu

Big Kontrast 2450,-Beverage pairing: 1900,-
Upgraded beverage pairing: 2650,-
Alcohol-free pairing: 995,-


Medium Kontrast 1850,-
Beverage pairing: 1500,-
Upgraded beverage pairing: 1950,-
Alcohol-free pairing: 695,-

Big Kontrast 2450,-
Beverage pairing: 1900,-
Upgraded beverage pairing: 2650,-
Alcohol-free pairing: 995,-

Menus has to be ordered in advance.

Private room

We can offer 2 private rooms:

Small (4-8 guests)

Large (8-16 guests)

To use the private rooms we would like you to decide in advance which menu size you wish to have. Here you can choose between Medium Kontrasts and Large Kontrasts. All guests must choose the same menu.
Contact us directly for groups over 16 guests.

Please call or E-mail us if you wish to book a table the same day as your visit.


Beef tartare, einkorn shoyu and kohlrabi

Shrimps from Eidshaug with dill and horseradish

Potato donut with Kalix løyrom

Pork blood croustade with Holtefjell XO and beer vinegar

Duck liver brûlée with dry age duck breast

Mountain trout from Hardanger

10 days dry aged with Jerusalem artichoke shoyu and miso

Scallops from Hitra

Elderflower and saffron from Skåne

Grilled Atlantic cod, marinated in langoustine glace

Fermented plums from Skott Gård with carrot miso sauce

 Roasted Celeriac

Pickled mushrooms and truffles

Chicken from Hovelsrud

Caramelised onion, ramson and egg yolk

 Reindeer from Jotunheimen

Beetroot sabayon


Sunflower seeds and birch syrup

Blueberries and koji

Sweets for coffee

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