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At Kontrast we work within the seasons. This means that our menu is changing on a daily/weekly basis and is influenced by the produce that our farmers have available on that day/week.

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Restaurant Kontrast offers two tasting menus

Small Kontrasts6 courses 1450,-
Beverage pairing: 1145,-
Alcohol-free pairing: 575,-

Big Kontrasts 10 courses 1950,-
Beverage pairing: 1595,-
Alcohol-free pairing: 945,-

A la Carte:

In addition to our tasting menu we also offer an a la carte menu comprised of small and medium sized dishes priced at 250,- per dish.
We would recommend 4 courses per person.


For reservations larger than 6 guests we offer 3 set menus:

4 courses: 1100,-
Beverage pairing: 795,-
Alcohol-free pairing: 380,-

Small Kontrasts
6 courses: 1450,-
Beverage pairing: 1145,-
Alcohol-free pairing: 575,-

Big Kontrasts
10 courses: 1950,-
Beverage pairing: 1595,-
Alcohol-free pairing: 945,-

Private room

We can offer 2 private rooms:

Small (4-8 guests)

Large (8-20 guests)

We also have private rooms for a larger party. You have to decide what menu you want prior to your visit. You can choose between Small Kontrasts and Big Kontrasts.

Please call or E-mail us if you wish to book a table the same day as your visit.


Mackerel "teriyaki"

Charred tomatoes fromHanasand Farm

Rhubarb, green strawberries and tagetes

Scallop from Sotra

Salted unripe plums and a sauce of saffron and elderflower

Swedish midsummer

Seasonal vegtables with grilled cream

Wild salmon from Finnmark

Suger snap peas from Linnestad Farm

Sauce made from preserved and dried shellfish

Sweetbread from Jæren

Fresh garlic from Korsvold farm with cream of Høvding Sverre

Pork from Svartskog Farm

Salad and fermented parsnips from Korsvold Farm

Kraftkar from Tingvollost
Oxidized sunflower seeds with birch sap from Vik in Saltdalen

Strawberries from Linnestad Farm

Woodruff and goat yoghurt from Lofoten Farm dairy

Honey from Gamle Aker

Milk with elderflower and tagetes

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